Hyundai Xerxes INO CP100
Chipset SC6531E
Memory 32MB RAM+32MB ROM
GSM Bands either double-band or quad-band
LCD Display 2.4-inch
Touch Panel(TP) Unsupported
SIM-card Slot Two
T-card Slot One
Camera 30W
Flash Light Supported using FPC
Speaker Up to 2030 speaker
Earpiece Independent Earpiece is supported
Motor/Vibrator Supported
Audio Amplifier AB/D-Amplifier; External K-Amplifier is supported
Battery 800mAh Battery
WIFI Unsupported
GPS Unsupported
ATV and its antenna Unsupported
Bluetooth Wired Connection is supported
FM and its antenna Either earphones or GSM Antenna with LNA IC will be used
USB Port 5-PIN Micro USB
Charging Port Either 5-pin USB port or NOKIA-DC port will be used
Audio Jack NOKIA 3.5 Audio Jack
Sensors Unsupported
# of Keys 23
Side keys Power key+ Volume Up/Down Key+SOS+Torch
# and color of keyboard backlight 6 and white
Merry-go-round Light Unsupported
Torch Supported
Power Bank Unsupported
Others MP3/MP4 Player is supported